Trend of Natural Striker Goals Naturalization during the national team


Trend of Natural Striker Goals Naturalization during the national team

Of the 15 foreign players with naturalization status the majority of foreign players who were recruited became WNI position as an attacker. Cristian Gonzales, Greg Nwokolo, Sergio van Dijk, Jhonny van Beukering, Ezra Walian (Netherlands), Guy Junior, and Ilija Spasojevic, the names of imported bomber holding Garuda’s passport.

Naturalized striker floods can be understood. In recent years the Indonesian national team has dried up a goal hungry attacker.

After the era of Bambang Pamungkas, practically only Boaz Solossa, a local striker who can show consistency to break the opponent’s goal when defending Team Garuda. Moreover, there are no local predators that can be durable sharp in the Indonesian national team.

Patrick Wanggai, Titus Bonai, Ferdinand Sinaga, Lerby Eliandry is the ranks of elite bomber of the country that often become the mainstay of the 2010-2017 national team. However, the number of goals they scored did not really exist.

Indonesia national team striker, Ezra Walian, greeted supporters after the game against Cambodia at Shah Alam Stadium, Selangor, Thursday (24/08/2017). Indonesia 2-0 win over Cambodia.

Finally striker-striker naturalization be an alternative choice. Ironically, only a few of them can show fame.

Uruguay bloody striker, Cristian Gonzalez, so naturalized players are tokcer. Debuting in AFF Cup 2010, El Loco recorded 11 goals from 25 matches that he lakoni with Indonesian national team.

Gonzales who is now 41 years old has never actually announced retirement from the national team. However, since the last time in the call in the AFF Cup 2014, he has not been able to defend Indonesia.Bagaimana opportunities with other strikers?

The lack of flying hours to play in the Indonesian national team to make them not have many opportunities to register his name on the international official game scoreboard.

Sergio van Dijk, a striker who matured the experience in the Australian League, just contributed a grain of goals only. He only six times can chance six times down the war with the Indonesian national team at the interval 2013-2014.

Similarly, Greg Nwokolo, who is currently classy with Madura United.

Nigeria’s bloody striker was also just six times pocketing caps with the national team, with a notch one goal. Since he was in Alfred Riedl in the 2014 AFF Cup, Greg was never called to Red-White Team again.

Greg Nwokolo has played with nine Indonesian clubs before joining Madura United.
Whereas at the age of 31 years, Greg power who plays as a wing attacker, can still be empowered.Striker from Cameroon, Guy Junior, who officially become citizen in 2016 has never had the opportunity to defend the Indonesian national team.

Similarly, Jhonny van Beukering who only had time to taste the Garuda Team in AFF Cup 2012 as a backup. Got a problem with weight and indiscipline behavior, the Dutch player is now retired from the green field.

Latest Ilija Spasojevic is on the rise with Bhayangkara FC, staying digadang so Cristian Gonzales new version in the Indonesian national team. At the age of 30 years, the player was born 11 September 1987, assessed many observers of strength is needed to overcome the dangers of qualified players in the squad Indonesia national team. Can the player answer the challenge?

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