Beckham Glad View Zidane Success in Madrid

Beckham Glad View Zidane Success in Madrid

David Beckham admits he is happy to see his best friend Zinedine Zidane achieve success at Real Madrid Situs Poker.

The Frenchman was named successor of Rafael Benitez in the 2015/16 season, and in two seasons he has managed to bring Los Blancos into two Champions League trophies and a La Liga trophy.

Beckham, who played with the coach at Real Madrid, admitted delighted to see the success of his former teammate.

“Last season was one of the special seasons,” the Briton told reporters.

“The last months of last season, it was incredible. Seeing this team play in a way that they show, makes me proud. ”
“I am very happy to see Zidane do a very good job, everyone likes Zidane.”

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