Carragher: Sturridge In contrast to Suarez

Carragher: Sturridge In contrast to Suarez

Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher believes that Daniel Strurridge is different from Luis Suarez.

During the season 2016-2017, Sturridge was only able to score three goals in the English Premier League competition, and even this season he scored a goal that is certainly a bad omen for players who have defended Manchester City.

Quite different from the current 2013-2014 season, Suarez himself was able to score 22 goals in 29 Premier League matches.

Carragher considers the difference to be irrelevant to the injury suffered by Strurridge.

In an interview, Carragher said “I do not think Sturridge played much in the game.”

“In contrast to Suarez who always play and score goals in every game.”

“If Suarez is still at Liverpool, it probably will not go down.”

“Of course this comparison is quite visible from both players.”

“I think Jurgen Klopp will no longer rely on Sturridge in defense of Liverpool.”

“That’s why Sturrige spends more time on the bench.”

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