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Trend of Natural Striker Goals Naturalization during the national team

Trend of Natural Striker Goals Naturalization during the national team

Of the 15 foreign players with naturalization status the majority of foreign players who were recruited became WNI position as an attacker. Cristian Gonzales, Greg Nwokolo, Sergio van Dijk, Jhonny van Beukering, Ezra Walian (Netherlands), Guy Junior, and Ilija Spasojevic, the names of imported bomber holding Garuda’s passport.

Naturalized striker floods can be understood. In recent years the Indonesian national team has dried up a goal hungry attacker.

After the era of Bambang Pamungkas, practically only Boaz Solossa, a local striker who can show consistency to break the opponent’s goal when defending Team Garuda. Moreover, there are no local predators that can be durable sharp in the Indonesian national team.

Patrick Wanggai, Titus Bonai, Ferdinand Sinaga, Lerby Eliandry is the ranks of elite bomber of the country that often become the mainstay of the 2010-2017 national team. However, the number of goals they scored did not really exist.

Indonesia national team striker, Ezra Walian, greeted supporters after the game against Cambodia at Shah Alam Stadium, Selangor, Thursday (24/08/2017). Indonesia 2-0 win over Cambodia.

Finally striker-striker naturalization be an alternative choice. Ironically, only a few of them can show fame.

Uruguay bloody striker, Cristian Gonzalez, so naturalized players are tokcer. Debuting in AFF Cup 2010, El Loco recorded 11 goals from 25 matches that he lakoni with Indonesian national team.

Gonzales who is now 41 years old has never actually announced retirement from the national team. However, since the last time in the call in the AFF Cup 2014, he has not been able to defend Indonesia.Bagaimana opportunities with other strikers?

The lack of flying hours to play in the Indonesian national team to make them not have many opportunities to register his name on the international official game scoreboard.

Sergio van Dijk, a striker who matured the experience in the Australian League, just contributed a grain of goals only. He only six times can chance six times down the war with the Indonesian national team at the interval 2013-2014.

Similarly, Greg Nwokolo, who is currently classy with Madura United.

Nigeria’s bloody striker was also just six times pocketing caps with the national team, with a notch one goal. Since he was in Alfred Riedl in the 2014 AFF Cup, Greg was never called to Red-White Team again.

Greg Nwokolo has played with nine Indonesian clubs before joining Madura United.
Whereas at the age of 31 years, Greg power who plays as a wing attacker, can still be empowered.Striker from Cameroon, Guy Junior, who officially become citizen in 2016 has never had the opportunity to defend the Indonesian national team.

Similarly, Jhonny van Beukering who only had time to taste the Garuda Team in AFF Cup 2012 as a backup. Got a problem with weight and indiscipline behavior, the Dutch player is now retired from the green field.

Latest Ilija Spasojevic is on the rise with Bhayangkara FC, staying digadang so Cristian Gonzales new version in the Indonesian national team. At the age of 30 years, the player was born 11 September 1987, assessed many observers of strength is needed to overcome the dangers of qualified players in the squad Indonesia national team. Can the player answer the challenge?

U-16 national team coach Supports Rendy Practice at Almere City

U-16 national team coach Supports Rendy Practice at Almere City

U-16 national team coach Indonesia, Fakhri Husaini, expressed support to one of his foster children, namely Rendy Juliansyah, to trial abroad Situs Judi Bola.

To, Rendy admitted getting a chance to practice at one of the clubs Eerste Divisie, Almere City, in January 2018.

The offer for players born on July 27, 2002 was obtained while strengthening U-16 national team in Asian Cup Qualification U-16 2018 in Thailand on 16-24 September 2017.

“I think this (trial abroad) is good for players,” Fakhri said.
Fakhri admitted confident Rendy will reap many benefits by practicing abroad.

“In addition to adding experience, they can also measure the ability,” said Fakhri.

Fakhri hopes Rendy is not the only Indonesian player who can get a chance to practice abroad.

“I hope there will be another player, besides Rendy who trial abroad,” he said.

Rendy himself admitted would not waste the opportunity given Almere. Because, players dropped out League Compass Gramedia had a desire for a career in Europe.

“God willing, it is my goal to study in Europe,” said Rendy.

Rendy is one of the talented players in the U-16 national team. The Tangerang player has just brought Garuda Asia to qualify for the 2018 U-16 Asian Cup.

Indonesia won the final round of tickets after winning the group in the qualifying round.

In addition, Rendy also recorded a number of achievements, such as Player of The Month League Kompas Gramedia Panasonic U-14 in the 2016-2017 season, Best Players Compass League, Player of the Year Menpora Cup, and top scorer Topscor League 2015.

He has also been the top scorer at Thien Phong Plastic Cup 2017 and brought the U-16 national team to win the tournament.

Persib Bandung Bentengi Febri from Selaranor Inc. FA

Persib Bandung Bentengi Febri from Selaranor Inc. FA

Persib Bandung manager, Umuh Muchtar, considers the ability of Febri Hariyadi is now equivalent to senior level Agen Sbobet Terpercaya. This means, the new players to strengthen Indonesia U-22 national team is not to worry about the new regulations related to the quota of U-23 players.

As is known, clubs League 1 is no longer required to lower the U-23 players during the first 45 minutes. For PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB) has annulled the rules as the SEA Games 2017 ended. Thus, young players under the age of 23 have to compete with other players to earn a place in the core squad.

Febri also certainly participate affected by the new rules. He also has to compete with senior players to get a place in the core team Persib Bandung.

But according to Umuh, Febri not to worry. Because the ability of players who are targeted Selangor FA is already equivalent to senior players. “You could say he (Febri Haryadi) junior player in Indonesia is the most prominent,” said Umuh Muchtar, Friday (1/9/2017).

Febri is only 19 years old. But the speed has made his name continues to soar. He became one of the core players U-22 national team that appeared in the SEA Games 2017. Under the care of Luis Milla, Febri transformed into a frightening attacker.

Punctures that often do from the wings to make defense opponent dither. During the SEA Games in 2017, Febri scored one goal as Indonesia defeated Cambodia 2-0 in their final Group B match in Shah Alam on 24 August 2017.

Fortress Febri

In the midst of the struggle Febri with Garuda Young, rumors of interest Selangor FA also sticking out. Reportedly, the team from the neighbor country has long been aiming Febri.

Do not want Febri to fall into another team, Umuh claimed to have fenced the player. Management has tied up such agile players on long-term contracts.

“We know he’s a Persib icon and all can also judge what his performance,” he said.

“Febri is young and he becomes the future of Persib and also the West Java so he is needed for the future,” said Umuh.

Persib itself will travel to the headquarters of Sriwijaya FC, Jakabaring Stadium, Palembang, Monday (4/9/2017). Febri who just returned from Malaysia also brought in this duel.

League Standings 1: PSM Failed Paste Bali United

League Standings 1: PSM Failed Paste Bali United

PSM Makassar threw away a golden opportunity to rise to second league standings and stick to Bali United. Juku Eja had to settle for a 3-3 draw with host Arema FC on Wednesday (08/30/2017).

Playing at home Arema, PSM appear extraordinary in the first round. They managed to win three goals first through Willime Jan Pluim, Ferdinand Sinaga and Pavel Purishkin. Third goal PSM created in the first 15 minutes.

However Arema was superbly able to catch up in the second half thanks to two penalties Juan Pablo Pino and action midfielder Adam Alis.

This draw makes PSM must be satisfied in the order of three standings with 39 numbers. They are two points clear of the top standings Bali United and one point from the ranking of two Bhayangkara FC.

Arema itself with a draw is still in the order of seven league standings 1. Singo Edan pack 34 points.


Luis Milla’s Words When Burning Players’ Spirit in a Changing Room

Luis Milla’s Words When Burning Players’ Spirit in a Changing Room

Circulating a video of Luis Milla’s speech in the national team room (U) national team U-22 Indonesia ahead of the game counter Cambodia at Shah Alam Stadium, Selangor, Thursday (24/08/2017) Judi dadu.

There is a big demand for Hansamu Yama and his friends in the final match of Group B SEA Games 2017. They need a win to qualify for the semi-finals.

Given that, Milla try to burn the spirit of foster children. He was with Bayu Eka Sari as the translator stood surrounded by the players in the locker room.

“Look, we’re out for fun, we go out to show what we can, take it out,” Bayu translated Milla’s message into Indonesian.

“You think you can be very good, we will win,” Bayu said.

Milla’s message responded to the players by scoring two goals via Ezra Walian and Febri Hariyadi to the goalkeeper of Cambodia.

2-0 victory makes Indonesia U-22 national team rose to second place armed with 11 points from five games.

Thailand occupied the top position with 13 points after a 3-0 win over Vietnam in the final match. Vietnam dropped to third with 10 points.

In the semi-final party on Saturday (26/08/2017), Indonesia will fight Malaysia as the Group A champion at Shah Alam Stadium.

Timnas U-19 Without Syahrian Abimanyu When Opponent PSS Sleman

Timnas U-19 Without Syahrian Abimanyu When Opponent PSS Sleman

Syahrian Abimanyu can not perform in the national team U-19 Indonesia test against PSS Sleman. He is still recovering from injury and must pass a duel at the Maguwoharjo Stadium, Sleman, on Saturday (08/12/2017).

“Abi (Syahrian Abimanyu) is injured, he must rest for a week,” said Ura 19 national team coach Indra Sjafri after leading field trials at Maguwoharjo Stadium, Sleman, Friday (11/08).

Former Bali United coach admitted, absence of Abi is not a problem. According to Indra, U-19 national team does not depend on one or two players.

“Many other players, do not, for example because there is no player, can not play anymore, in this team whoever nga there, nga problem,” he explained.

This test match became part of the U-19 national team preparations to appear in the AFF Cup U-18 in September later in Myanmar. According to the plan, U-19 national team will still diving two trials again before ending training camp in Yogyakarta.

PS TNI Predicted to Lose from Sriwijaya, This Answer Ivan Kolev

Ivan kolev memberikan keterangan pers di ruangan pers stadion gelora Sriwijaya Jakabaring

PS TNI Predicted to Lose from Sriwijaya, This Answer Ivan Kolev

TNI PS trainer, Ivan Kolev, responded to the assumption that “downplay” his team’s chance to scoop points from Sriwijaya FC Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

Sriwijaya will host PS TNI in the game continued Liga 1 in Gelora Sriwijaya Stadium Jakabaring, Friday (14/07/2017). Laskar Wong Kito, nicknamed Sriwijaya FC, predicted would win the game with ease.

Even so, head coach Ivan Kolev did not want to give up so easily and saw his team still go through the process.

“Yes, that’s a pattern, we are still building a team, Sriwijaya is a strong team and there are a lot of good players in it,” Kolev said (14/7).

Meanwhile, Hartono Ruslan as Sriwijaya tactics interpreter eager to realize the predictions that favor his team.

“We promise the best game at home,” Hartono said.

Currently, this TNI PS is in 13th position standings with 19 points. As for Sriwijaya FC perched in the 15th position with 14 points.

Kans more open for Sriwijaya remember also the report card meeting. Of the last three games, PS TNI can not steal points from Sriwijaya FC.

The following are the last three meetings between Sriwijaya FC and PS TNI:

December 15, 2016: PS TNI 2-5 Sriwijaya FC

06 August 2016: Sriwijaya FC 6-1 PS TNI

20 March 2016: Sriwijaya FC 2-1 PS TNI

Hanafi Asks Referees Can Be More Fair When Persegres Jamu Arema

Besar kemungkinan Goran Gancev (dua dari kanan), akan kembali mengawal pertahanan Persegres Gresik United saat menghadapi Arema FC.

Hanafi Asks Referees Can Be More Fair When Persegres Jamu Arema

So far, Persegres Gresik United have just packed one victory from 13 matches that have been undertaken in the League 1 competition. From a series of minor results, coach Persegres Hanafi accused the referee often make decisions that harm his team.

For that coach born in Malang, East Java, this hopes, the referee can take a stand-up attitude on the field when leading the game Persegres counter Arema FC at the Petrochemical Stadium, Gresik, Wednesday (12/07/2017) evening.

“As opposed to Perseru (Serui, 8/7/2017) yesterday, the referee was the rule of the game, so really a draw,” said Hanafi, in a press conference before the game, Tuesday (11/7/2017).

It’s just that, although the referee who led the game has been considered the fairest in several games dilakoni, Persegres still swallow a 0-1 defeat in the match at the Marora Stadium.

“Hopefully tomorrow the referee would be good and know yourself. Who is this? Yes it is off course. Hopefully Persegres can steal points, “he said.

A series of preparations to face Arema, Hanafi said, has been done well after the day pascatim lost to Perseru. His team went straight to Gresik after the game, in order to arrange the power to face Arema.

“After facing Perseru, we went straight home and came at six o’clock in the evening, the morning had been training. Continue form of training in the form of preparation (opponent Arema), although only gymnastics and football. Continue to continue the afternoon, who will be handed down who will face Arema. So we are ready, “said Hanafi.

Facing Arema, Persegres most likely will return lowered his best squad, following the return of several players pillars. Starting from Goran Gancev in defense, to Choi Hyun-yeon in the middle who had been sidelined for several weeks due to injury.

With these conditions, make the team Laskar Joko Samudro optimistic will be able to balance Arema FC in the East Java derby later. Or at least, not back to defeat at home.

Lost from Madura United Not Make Mental Persib Teranguk


Lost from Madura United Not Make Mental Persib Teranguk
Persib Bandung just had a bitter game. In Bangkalan, they bend host Madura United 1-3 in the match continued Liga 1 Indonesia, Sunday (08/07/2017) Judi Online.

The Persib player was reportedly had a Shock. The reason, they feel “dikerjai”, especially when two goals they disallowed the referee.

However, coach Djadjang Nurdjaman, guarantee, this condition does not disturb the psychological forces Persib. Mental them, said Djadjang, did not slump.

Djadjang did not argue, his players got angry and bench heats up. But, he ensured, Atep and his friends remain heartened because they feel no less.

“I think it is not disturbed, because it looks good and only a matter of results that make them disappointed,” said Djadjang arrived in Bandung, July 10, 2017, as released the official website Persib.

Djadjang said, the important thing now is how they re-take advantage of every game in sight. Absolute victory they must get.
Especially when facing Persela Lamongan in the game the week to-14, Wednesday (07/12/2017). This match will be held at Bandung Gelora Stadium of Fire Lake.

Persib did need a victory in order to improve their position on the boards of League 1. Currently, they are in 11th position with 19 points from 13 matches. Their value is seven points disputed with the existing PSM at the top of the standings.
Prepare Mepet

Just the problem, Djadjang must immediately prepare his troops. The reason, the lag time they have ahead of the game against Persela just two days.

The right strategy, the right practice pattern must be maximized in order to menjagai physical condition and performance of his troops.

“Today comes direct for water therapy, overcoming muscle fatigue.Tomorok, we also light exercise in the mes.we will not have any more exercise,” said Djadjang.