League Standings 1: PSM Failed Paste Bali United

League Standings 1: PSM Failed Paste Bali United

PSM Makassar threw away a golden opportunity to rise to second league standings and stick to Bali United. Juku Eja had to settle for a 3-3 draw with host Arema FC on Wednesday (08/30/2017).

Playing at home Arema, PSM appear extraordinary in the first round. They managed to win three goals first through Willime Jan Pluim, Ferdinand Sinaga and Pavel Purishkin. Third goal PSM created in the first 15 minutes.

However Arema was superbly able to catch up in the second half thanks to two penalties Juan Pablo Pino and action midfielder Adam Alis.

This draw makes PSM must be satisfied in the order of three standings with 39 numbers. They are two points clear of the top standings Bali United and one point from the ranking of two Bhayangkara FC.

Arema itself with a draw is still in the order of seven league standings 1. Singo Edan pack 34 points.


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