Lost from Madura United Not Make Mental Persib Teranguk


Lost from Madura United Not Make Mental Persib Teranguk
Persib Bandung just had a bitter game. In Bangkalan, they bend host Madura United 1-3 in the match continued Liga 1 Indonesia, Sunday (08/07/2017) Judi Online.

The Persib player was reportedly had a Shock. The reason, they feel “dikerjai”, especially when two goals they disallowed the referee.

However, coach Djadjang Nurdjaman, guarantee, this condition does not disturb the psychological forces Persib. Mental them, said Djadjang, did not slump.

Djadjang did not argue, his players got angry and bench heats up. But, he ensured, Atep and his friends remain heartened because they feel no less.

“I think it is not disturbed, because it looks good and only a matter of results that make them disappointed,” said Djadjang arrived in Bandung, July 10, 2017, as released the official website Persib.

Djadjang said, the important thing now is how they re-take advantage of every game in sight. Absolute victory they must get.
Especially when facing Persela Lamongan in the game the week to-14, Wednesday (07/12/2017). This match will be held at Bandung Gelora Stadium of Fire Lake.

Persib did need a victory in order to improve their position on the boards of League 1. Currently, they are in 11th position with 19 points from 13 matches. Their value is seven points disputed with the existing PSM at the top of the standings.
Prepare Mepet

Just the problem, Djadjang must immediately prepare his troops. The reason, the lag time they have ahead of the game against Persela just two days.

The right strategy, the right practice pattern must be maximized in order to menjagai physical condition and performance of his troops.

“Today comes direct for water therapy, overcoming muscle fatigue.Tomorok, we also light exercise in the mes.we will not have any more exercise,” said Djadjang.

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