U-16 national team coach Supports Rendy Practice at Almere City

U-16 national team coach Supports Rendy Practice at Almere City

U-16 national team coach Indonesia, Fakhri Husaini, expressed support to one of his foster children, namely Rendy Juliansyah, to trial abroad Situs Judi Bola.

To Kompas.com, Rendy admitted getting a chance to practice at one of the clubs Eerste Divisie, Almere City, in January 2018.

The offer for players born on July 27, 2002 was obtained while strengthening U-16 national team in Asian Cup Qualification U-16 2018 in Thailand on 16-24 September 2017.

“I think this (trial abroad) is good for players,” Fakhri said.
Fakhri admitted confident Rendy will reap many benefits by practicing abroad.

“In addition to adding experience, they can also measure the ability,” said Fakhri.

Fakhri hopes Rendy is not the only Indonesian player who can get a chance to practice abroad.

“I hope there will be another player, besides Rendy who trial abroad,” he said.

Rendy himself admitted would not waste the opportunity given Almere. Because, players dropped out League Compass Gramedia had a desire for a career in Europe.

“God willing, it is my goal to study in Europe,” said Rendy.

Rendy is one of the talented players in the U-16 national team. The Tangerang player has just brought Garuda Asia to qualify for the 2018 U-16 Asian Cup.

Indonesia won the final round of tickets after winning the group in the qualifying round.

In addition, Rendy also recorded a number of achievements, such as Player of The Month League Kompas Gramedia Panasonic U-14 in the 2016-2017 season, Best Players Compass League, Player of the Year Menpora Cup, and top scorer Topscor League 2015.

He has also been the top scorer at Thien Phong Plastic Cup 2017 and brought the U-16 national team to win the tournament.

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